New Video: The Gallery of Lost Objects

“When you sleep rough you can’t build up stuff and things get stolen all the time”  In our short film, ‘Gallery of Lost Objects’, some of our Commissioners talk about things that can get lost when living in poverty. This film was also shown at our Report and Film Launch. With thanks to Lauren Jansen-Parkes.

Why Should Being Poor Cost More?

WHAT IS POVERTY PREMIUM? Poverty premium is the name used for the extra cost of essential products and services paid by the low household income families, disabled and benefit dependant people in the UK.  I myself have suffered because of these unfair charges for essential things for me, my family or home.  Examples of these […]

A Community Truth

From my point of view, positive and good mental health is about feeling safe, knowing your own identity, being able to look back and cherish the past as you step into the future with a smile for the now. A Community Truth. Ruth has lived in Erdington for 65 years. For 30 of those years […]

Emergency Housing Experience

Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission. Case Study 2017 Access, Birmingham Homelessness Services.   Male aged 21                                                                                  […]

We met for a coffee…

An aspect of talking part in Birmingham Poverty Truth is to get know our invited commissioners on a one to one basis as well as in the group sessions. I’m Karen and I was asked to meet up for coffee with Simon Fenton, from Forward Carers. After exchanging a few emails, it was decided to […]

Want to imagine what Fibromyalgia is like…?

One of our wonderful Testifying Commissioners,  Lis writes about life with Fibromyalgia… First catch the flu, then get a sunburn all over. Next put on really tight-fitting clothes and throw yourself down the stairs. Stay awake for 36 hours straight. Randomly put your fingers and toes wet into a plug socket. Consume beans and prunes and […]

Progress Report!

Our testifiers are settling in to Birmingham Poverty Truth really well, and are enriching the process for us all with their life experience, resilience and willingness to be open with each other. We are working on our launch event and will have more information on that very soon. In the meantime here is a sneak […]

Getting Ready

Getting Ready We are getting ready for Birmingham Poverty Truth … what will that look like? Mostly we don’t know yet … As a small group of people facilitating the process, we started by thinking about the question: What is poverty? Is it just about a lack of money? Or is it much more? We […]