What if people who have directly faced poverty had relationships with people of influence and those who make policy decisions that affect them? Would people listen to their experiences and if they did, would they better understand the challenges that poverty brings? Would it make a difference to the decisions that are being made? Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission aims to find out…

The Story So Far

You can see the report from our first Poverty Truth Commission here: Birmingham Poverty Truth Report. 2017-2019.


Films from the first Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission

During our first commission some of the stories shared of people’s personal experiences were turned into short films. Please follow the links to watch these captivating films: Rate Your Hostel: https://brumpovertytruth.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/Rate-Your-Hostel.mp4 An Experience of Homelessness: https://brumpovertytruth.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/An-Experience-of-Homelessness.mp4 Gallery of Lost Objects: https://brumpovertytruth.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/Gallery-of-Lost-Objects.mp4

Archive Blogs from the First BPTC

During our first Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission some of our Community Commissioners wrote blogs about some of their experiences. Please enjoy reading what they had to say… Why should being poor cost more? WHAT IS POVERTY PREMIUM? Poverty premium is the name used for the extra cost of essential products and services paid by the […]