What if people who have directly faced poverty had relationships with people of influence and those who make policy decisions that affect them? Would people listen to their experiences and if they did, would they better understand the challenges that poverty brings? Would it make a difference to the decisions that are being made?

The Story So Far

The Black Civil Rights Movement in the USA would not have made progress had white people dominated its leadership. Similarly the Feminist Movement would not have achieved what it has, had men been running the show. And so a movement to tackle poverty needs to have people who experience it at its heart if real change is to be achieved. Nothing about Us without Us is for Us.


Why Should Being Poor Cost More?

WHAT IS POVERTY PREMIUM? Poverty premium is the name used for the extra cost of essential products and services paid by the low household income families, disabled and benefit dependant people in the UK.  I myself have suffered because of these unfair charges for essential things for me, my family or home.  Examples of these […]

A Community Truth

From my point of view, positive and good mental health is about feeling safe, knowing your own identity, being able to look back and cherish the past as you step into the future with a smile for the now. A Community Truth. Ruth has lived in Erdington for 65 years. For 30 of those years […]