What if people who have directly faced poverty had relationships with people of influence and those who make policy decisions that affect them? Would people listen to their experiences and if they did, would they better understand the challenges that poverty brings? Would it make a difference to the decisions that are being made?

The Story So Far

The last two years at Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission have been an incredible journey. We have gone from a group of strangers to a family; getting to know each other, sharing our experiences and lives, and learning from each other. We are very proud to release our Report: Birmingham Poverty Truth Report. 2017-2019.


New Video: The Gallery of Lost Objects

“When you sleep rough you can’t build up stuff and things get stolen all the time”  In our short film, ‘Gallery of Lost Objects’, some of our Commissioners talk about things that can get lost when living in poverty. This film was also shown at our Report and Film Launch. With thanks to Lauren Jansen-Parkes.

Why Should Being Poor Cost More?

WHAT IS POVERTY PREMIUM? Poverty premium is the name used for the extra cost of essential products and services paid by the low household income families, disabled and benefit dependant people in the UK.  I myself have suffered because of these unfair charges for essential things for me, my family or home.  Examples of these […]